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Having been involved in the Financial Services sector for over 7 decades between them, FinTec Business Solutions and our partner company DALUS Technologies were founded by a very experienced and dedicated team with a single purpose. As both customers of commercial software platforms and later working with the software providers themselves, our founders decided on a new approach to software development.


The Collectiv is a concept born from the need to answer a simple question: Is it possible to create a cloud-based customer management platform with all the features you need, but simple and easy enough to deploy and use that you don’t need an army of installers and a large budget to implement it? Put another way: “Can it be intuitive enough for the user to configure and use that you don’t need a manual?”

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FinTec is proud to be the Implementation and Support partner for The TCN Call Centre platform in the EMEA region.

TCN is the most comprehensive, feature rich, flexible and intuitive platform of its kind. With over 2,500 implementations worldwide supporting businesses of all types and sizes, TCN will have a solution for you.

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Developed over a period of 4 years by our partner company, DALUS Technologies Ltd, the DALUS app is the most comprehensive address location solution of its kind. Designed to enable users to find an address first time every time, improving efficiency, eliminating failed deliveries and reducing wasted time. Dalus App is uniquely interactive and enables its driving community to help each other locate difficult to find or unfamiliar properties.

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